imageRabbi Sidney Brichto (21 July 1936 – 16 January 2009) was a British Liberal rabbi. He was born in Philadelphia into an immigrant Orthodox Jewish family. As an adolescent, he began to reject religious orthodoxy in favour of Liberal Judaism. He studied in New York, before being ordained in 1961. The same year he moved to England to do post-graduate work at University College London and also became Associate Minister of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St John’s Wood. In 1964 he became the first Executive Director of (as it was then) the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, now known as Liberal Judaism.

Brichto was also a prolific author, having written extensively in the Jewish and national press. His most recent project was the publishing of a series of new translations of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments. The project is entitled „The People’s Bible”. Rabbi Brichto believes that the concept of God is more important than questions of his existence. Equally, the Bible is relevant not because of the veracity of its stories, but because of the morality of its myths. His translations aim to achieve accessibility as literature, and to do this, he controversially added sections to improve readability and removed large areas of non-consequential material to the appendices.

Note From The Translator

The simple purpose of this new Bible is to give it back to the people who welcome a good story, fine poetry and inspiration. For too long now the bible has become the best-seller, least read. The purpose of this edition is to recast it in such a manner as to make it readable. To achieve this, the translation features:
Complete biblical text, faithfully translated. Tiresome parts, such as geneological tables have been moved to the appendix.
Modern but still dignified translation which read like epic adventures, love stories, poetry and thrillers.
An ‘easy read’ – textual problems which could interrupt the reader’s concentration are clarified within the text.
An interactive bible – the traditional biblical narrative is so sparse that it leaves much to the imagination. On occasion the translator has responded by interacting with the text to fill out the story, such elabarations are indicated by a bold print.
A user-friendly bible – the books are not divided by traditional verses and chapters, but refernces to these are found on the top of every page.
Stimulating and informative introductions.
Easily accessable footnotes at the bottom of pages explain and provide additional insights to the text.
Attractively presented books of the bible that can be read on the train etc. without embarrasment.
Each volume fits into a pocket or handbag
Designed for everyone- from those who have never read the bible tothose who have tried and failed, to those who think it is only for the religious, and to those who love the bible and would be interested in another interpretation.