we are all here at the edge

paradox of 100% technological civilization

looking into abyss with no eye for this

more or less with ‘’mental issue’’

of an ”weak” soul like a protest

we are all – the last barrier to happiness

sleeping on cardboard

and having dreams about you:

normal life

Pokémons- unreal faces of the rough street

living in a virtual world

a game without mercy

without food, without will

we all are beggars

for something which is day by day

hard to find…



Please, before the spirit leaves our hearts

-the spirit always is a mischievous one-

before all our dogs die

and left us in the no man’s land

put us on the map

and finding us, people,

we all come from the same arch

arrows sometimes don’t reach the target

but still having something to say

something you need

stories and not only

and all

before is too late

we can share it!