for Mary &Tim with gratitude and appreciation 

For few days I was living in the majestic 16th century castle
of old stone built on a Little Island of magical monastic prayers
an island of flowers inside of another flowering island – Ireland
an open heart breathing vividly in another heart
looking over the unsettle history:
Vikings, Normans and Imperial England
like an unstoppable serial of killers
hiding inside of Matryoshka mask
one by one full of surprises,
sadness and joy,
Beauty having no rest
in all that time.

And there I was
a Est European fellow from Romanian base in London
with a scent of Bulgarian-Serb-Croat -Greek in his blood
talking with a chap from Bermuda
both sipping French Champagne from a Bohemians Crystal glass
at the wedding of a beautiful Irish lady with a gentle English bloke;
a Philippine’s man call Pedro was serving us.

What a cheerful evening!
follow by a wonderful night and unrested morning
but in spite all I couldn’t stop one thought:
so many peoples around me from various islands
each one of us an island itself inside of another island
peoples and songs of different lands
dancing through the incomprehensible Universe
all captured by a huge Blue-Whale
from which I belong myself
but still we don’t know our ultimate home.
Do we all meet again after that journey?
Do we all be at another wedding in another castle
built on another island of magical prayers like this one
and hiding ourselves under new Matryoshka mask
one by one, full of surprise, sadness and joy?
I think so!