A literary opportunity


Two years ago, “SINGUR” Publishing House from Romania has founded the collection of books “Today’s Writing”. The collection is aimed at all authors, regardless of their language, but is currently focused on books in English, French, German, and Italian.

The books will be published in 50 copies (poetry, prose, essay, theatre plays, interviews, reportages, journals, memoirs, epigrams etc.), size A5, 90-100 pages each (black and white text, no images), the book cover printed in colour and laminated.

This collection has been initiated due to the fact that everyone must have a starting point, and therefore the 50 copies edition is suitable to anyone, while the price is very affordable.

Approximately 220 titles have already been published in this collection presently (books from Romanian authors), which have been published or presented at various book fairs, festivals, and cultural events in Romania, England, and Ireland.

The copyrights over the books’ content belong to the authors.


We offer:

  1. Free ISBN
  2. Free CIP description from the National Library of Romania
  3. Free editing
  4. Free cover design
  5. 10 extra copies for the National Library of Romania included in the price
  6. Media coverage and publicity through GMS-AA (with the possibility of joining Media Group Singur-Arts Alliance)
  7. 2 free posts (book fragments) on our interactive cultural website www.revistasingur.ro (with over 10.000 members)
  8. No age limit
  9. No debut requirements
  10. Postage to any country included in the price


  1. The manuscripts must be sent in an electronic format.
  2. The author decides on whether he/she wants their picture included or not.
  3. The proofreading should be done by the author (if required, the publishing house could do it for an extra price).

Authors interested in being published in this collection will make a payment of 200 Euros to the account below:


Loc. Târgovişte, jud. Dâmboviţa

OP 1, Ghişeu 3, CP 19

CUI/ CIF: 339 06 907

Cont BCR Târgovişte

IBAN: RO40RNCB0128144154070003

Bank name: Banca Comercială Româna SA

Bank address: Strada: Mircea cel Batrân, nr. 1, city: Târgovişte, jud. Dâmbovița,





England: Emanuel Pope – pope.emanuel@gmail.com

Mădălina Maria Dăncuş

Ireland: Dorina Şisu, Viorel Ploeşteanu

Italy: Rodica Brad

Germany: Lucian Hetco

Australia: George Roca

France: Robert Călin