there are worlds

over which always lay other worlds

sometimes logically

at some other time pushing the limits

and their needed place vanquishing

contemplating the sea

we use to call it

: banks.

-all with a clay pits-starring –

capital markets and industries

were not and are not

the only trace of a nation of ants

run terrified across waters

never satisfied

never at home

although the word still is

an inhabited land

intense and profound.


there are worlds

over which unpredicted shades are laid

never naturally, never pleasant

and their place we use to call

contemplating the sea

: shores.

-all having a strange stature

of masters, or of slaves

there are worlds

never being or being

but the phantom of a nation

drained over running waters

never satisfied

never at home

although the word is still breathing

an inhabited earth

from the bedrock.

there are worlds

as there are and live peacefully together,

as eternal ears in an uncropped field,

great unapprocheable loves

amongst other loves that die in the unknown

and their commonplace we call

contemplating the sea

: peace

or friends

or misfortune

but never races

never peoples

as in a word is walling up

a shadeless land

fed by the fiber of the one and only natural craft

of the peoples.

translated by Daniela Bullas