The temptations of St.Naum

Just one of those things, an apparition

Next life misery wrapped in “hypotheticals”

Defeated by passion but un-subdued by destiny

Naum, keeper of the Alchemical love secrets

His experiments transferred to an occult code

A critical ghost above a surrealist domain

The world so unbalanced after he’s gone

Those who know smile enigmatically

Burning down idols of submission

Inside a reincarnation station of deafness

His ears full of unfiltered imagination

Deep light enters as a deafening silence

Never dreaming in vain

Erudite anxiety, beyond the brain

Unfailing to suffer blindness fruitlessly

Insights distilled into a “white of the bone” cloud

Rhythms of subjective channeling & jazz of old spirits

Invisible performers, cats with four deadly eyes

The incoherent civilization trampled upon your work

Ignorant vandals, exorcizing beyond perishability of life

Naum, the monk of occultization secret society

Unadulterated radical revolt of words and concepts

NAUM—ZAUM, fertile silence

Naum Umlaum Zazeum,

Zen Naum- zazen AUM