Avant-garde artist Marcel Iancu on view at RCI New York

September 18 to October 9


Opening Event on September 18, 7 PM at RCI New York

(200 E 38th Street, New York, NY 10016)



RCI New York continues its series of events dedicated to avant-garde literature and visual arts, and to the relationship between Romanian and international avant-garde, with an exhibit of works by the Romanian born painter, architect and essayist Marcel Iancu (1895-1984), between September 18 to October 9, at RCI New York.

Organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute New York, the exhibit brings together, for the first time in New York, about 50 original works of Marcel Iancu (oil, graphics, lithography, mixed technique), from the private collection of Stephan Benedict. For the first time, the American public will have access to an impressive private collection of works by Marcel Iancu. Also, in the opening night will be featured two documentaries about Marcel Iancu.



The opening event on 18 September, at 7 pm, features, as keynote speakers, Juliet Kinchin, curator in the Department of Architecture and Design of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, who will speak about the architect Marcel Iancu, professor of astrophysics Michael Finkenthal from John Hopkins University (USA), an exceptionally passionate researcher of the avant-garde literature, who will talk about the personality of Marcel Iancu in the context of Romanian, European and American avant-garde, and Stephan Benedict, engineer, avid art collector, member of important museums in New York. Doina Uricariu, RCINY director, will speak, among other things, about the work of Marcel Iancu, illustrator for various volumes such as Today Poets Anthology of Pillat and Perpessicius. The event will conclude with a Q&A session.

The exhibited works (landscapes, portraits, abstract compositions) are dating from different periods of creation of the artist, such as the period when he founded, with a group of artists and poets, the avant-garde movement DADA (Euphoria Dada, 1917; Nature, 1918; Mandolin, 1919; Compositions DADA), continuing with the years he spent in Romania (Theatre Street, 1933; Wizards, 1935; Characters on the Beach in Jaffa, 1938), to conclude with the period of creation from Israel (Two Characters,1942; Oriental Characters,1943; Characters in Jaffa Harbor, No Man’s Land, Jordan Springs, 1945: Arrival of Immigrants, 1950; Nude, 1960 and 1970, Jean Arp, 1970, and many others).



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